Welcome to PD Warrior

Welcome to the PD Warrior program!

PD Warrior can be life changing for many and when done right, you should expect your patients to improve. As a professional, it should also be lots of fun to deliver and very professionally rewarding.

As an exercise program, PD Warrior is different to regular exercise. Not only is it Parkinson’s specific but the framework allows you to use your own clinical expertise to build a repertoire of targeted exercises to help people get the most from their exercise. The program is a comprehensive rehab program with 4 key pillars being essential to each person’s success:

  1. Neuro-active exercise
  2. Education
  3. Long term behavior change
  4. Community and support

Although Parkinson’s is a progressive condition, if people are treated early in their disease, have idiopathic Parkinson’s and use the neuroplastic training principles prescribed in this program, you should expect to see improvements and to help them slow the symptom progression down.

Watch this video to get started