Treating Patients

This section goes through the essential components you will need to run PD Warrior as it is meant to be run as a comprehensive program. PD Warrior comprises Four Key Pillars and you need to incorporate all of these Pillars in your delivery of the program to ensure that your patients get the best out of the program and the success they expect from the brand.

The Four Key Pillars are:

  • Neuro-active exercise
  • Education
  • Long-term Behaviour Change
  • Community

To achieve the best for your patients, there are several things that every new PD Warrior client must do. These will include having;

  • A comprehensive initial assessment that covers outcome measures, goals and treatment plan
  • Introductory sessions (minimum of three sessions, including the assessment) that expand on the assessment and cover off the essential education provided, 7 core principles of neuroplasticity and their application in training, up to 10 core exercises, but most likely 3-4 for each person.
  • Patient workbook to record and support them in the 10 Week Challenge
  • Enrollment in the 10 Week Challenge as one-on-one, circuit or DIY through the User Directory
  • Regular reviews and evaluation sessions booked as part of a complete program.