The focus of this exercise is on trunk rotation and big shoulder and arm movements. This movement helps to improve the range of movement in your upper back, trunk as well as in your shoulders and hands. It will also help with powerful functional reaching.


You will need a sturdy chair for this exercise, preferably without arm rests.

How to

Take a seat and use one hand to support yourself by holding on to the chair. While seated, take a wide supportive stance with your legs. When you are ready, reach down and across your body with your free hand. If you can touch the floor on the outside of your foot, well done! Bring yourself back up into tall sitting and continue reaching your hand diagonally in the opposite direction and up to the sky. Look up at your outstretched hand. You should feel a powerful stretch across your chest, upper back and into your arm and hand. During this exercise think about being powerful and strong.

Once you have repeated this exercise 10 times on one side, then swap your supporting hand over and continue 10 times on the other side. See if there is any difference between the sides.


It is important if you have any problems with your lower back that you continue this exercise with caution. If you find it difficult to reach all the way to the floor, across your body, stop at your opposite knee. Progress down the shin as you feel more comfortable with the movement.


Level 1: Get used to the movement and start to add in some power.

Level 2: You want to be moving with as much power as you can. Each part of the movement should look and feel crisp and distinct from the other parts. Is your hand open wide at the top, are you stretching up as far as you can?

Level 3: If you are really getting the hang of this exercise then you can introduce the mental tasking audio track. Your focus is still on the motor task though, not the mental task.