Setting Up Your Circuit

The PD Warrior circuit is an ideal way to optimise compliance, accountability and motivation in your client.

You can run a circuit of any size, with a maximum ratio of 1 Instructor to 10 patients. Your numbers may infact be determined more by size of circuit room than anything else.

Once you have determined your patient is eligible for the circuit and they have completed the introductory sessions you can refer them into the circuit. I would recommend that clients come at least once a week during the 10 week challenge. They can of course come more times, depending on what you offer!

If you feel that your client is not appropriate for a circuit level then you have a couple of options, usually in this preferred order:

  1. Recommend an intensive training program. It is amazing what has been achieved with some patients with consolidated, private training over 1-3 weeks. They may be appropriate for circuit after this point. (Normally 3-4 sessions a week).
  2. Create a different circuit for lower level clients who would still benefit from the socialisation but require more of a boutique environment
  3. Recommend they see you weekly during the 10wc for individual sessions
  4. Recommend they complete the 10wc independently at home. This is the last resort and ideally only something I’d recommend if they were too far away to attend regularly, travelling or similar reason.

This webinar will go through a few more points on how to run an effective circuit.


To make life even easier for you, here are five 10 week challenge modules to get started with. Each week has up to 16 exercises laid out for you in eight stations (two exercises per station).

Following the warm up, each exercise should run for 2 minutes. Given time for station transitions, this should leave you with five minutes at the end for a team bonding activity, cool down and debrief on home work and questions.