Scarf Snatch

This exercise focuses on arm swing and ballistic, powerful movements. This is a great exercise if your main symptom is bradykinesia. You can increase the difficulty of the task easily as you progress.


You will need two scarves for this exercise.

How to

Start by holding a scarf in each hand with your feet wide apart. Throw the scarf directly up into the air, as high as you can towards the ceiling. As the scarf floats down, snatch it out of the air from above as it reaches shoulder height. The focus of this exercise is on the ‘snatch’ as you rip the scarf out of the air. Do not wait for it to fall down and do not try to catch is underarm. The whole point is to be fast enough to catch it overhand. Repeat on the other side with the other scarf.


In the case of pre-existing shoulder injury, throw underarm and bend at the elbow to gain force. In the case of poor balance, place a sturdy chair in front yourself.


Level 1: Repeat on one side only, focusing on height of throw and speed of overhand catch.

Level 2: Start to increase the speed of repetition, number of repetition on each side and number of scarves you throw at a time. Can you throw and snatch two from the same hand before the reach the floor?

Level 3: If you are really getting the hang of this exercise then you can introduce the mental tasking audio track. Your focus is still on the motor task though, not the mental task.