Penguin Waddles

This exercise focuses on weight-shifting and is a powerful way to practice stepping. It is a really helpful tool to have up your sleeve if you have mild episodes of freezing during gait. You also get a great butt workout!


You will need four agility dots or markers on the floor, spread out about a foot apart at each corner of a box shape.

How to

Stand with your feet on two of the dots and practice shifting your weight from one dot fully to the other dot. If you are doing this correctly you will be moving from one leg, right over the other leg and then back again. As you get good at this, you should feel the muscles on the side of your hips doing a bit of work.

Once you have got the hang of the weight shift, start weight shift stepping around the box in a clockwise fashion. Once you have done one box then stop and reverse and go in an anticlockwise direction. Each time you step you should be moving location and alternating between left and right leg.


If you get dizzy from going in a single direction or from the movement itself then please pause after each box rotation. You might also want to place a chair at either end of the box as in the image.


Level 1: Penguin waddles in a clockwise and then anticlockwise direction with static arms

Level 2: Penguin waddles as above but add in the arms. You will need to add double arms up in front and then double arms out to the side alternating movement with each step you take.

Level 3: If you are really getting the hang of this exercise then you can introduce the mental tasking audio track. Your focus is still on the motor task though, not the mental task.