Over the River

This exercise is excellent for helping you coordinate big strides with big powerful arm swings. It also helps with your 180 degree turns.


You will need a small foam block or hurdle for this exercise.

How To

Start by placing the hurdle on the floor in front of you. When you are ready, take a big step over the hurdle. If you are leading with your left leg, swing your right arm forward with power and your left arm back well behind you. Keep your hands wide and open. When you are ready, turn around, 180 degrees to face the hurdle again. Your turn should be crisp and ideally achieved in four to six steps. When you are ready step over the hurdle again, leading with your opposite leg. Make sure to swing your arms with power and full range and bring your knees up high as you step over the hurdle.

Repeat this exercise


Do this exercise at your own pace. If the turns make you dizzy then slow down and take more time with your turns. If you have trouble with your knees or lower back, you make your step smaller as you step over the hurdle.


Level 1: Get the idea of the movement. Focus on high knees, big arm swing and powerful turns.

Level 2: If you are feeling comfortable with this exercise and have no problems with your knees or back you could try leaping over the hurdle. Aim for height, rather than distance. Make sure you have a large arm swing coordinating with the opposite leg at the same time, especially that back arm swing.

Level 3: If you are really getting the hang of this exercise then you can introduce the mental tasking audio track. Your focus is still on the motor task though, not the mental task.