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It never hurts to remind ourselves on some of the core principles of PD Warrior, how they can be implemented and how to coach technique. I have pulled some videos together and put a commentary over them just to give you the opportunity to reflect on your practice and see if there are areas that you could be tightening up on. Remember, in PD Warrior, every rep counts!

Check it out here!

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The plan for 2017 is to take PD Warrior up a notch and support licensees better and grow the global community. To do this, one of the key features will be rolling out the 10-week challenge as an annual event. We are also considering hosting our first LIVE EVENT…..eeek! We want to help you keep your patients engaged and what better to keep them motivated and part of your ‘team’ than to have them train for something! We’d love your thoughts on other ideas to grow the engagement levels too, as well as a quick check on how you think we are tracking. Have you noticed any improvements? It would be great if you could answer 10 quick questions in the survey below to help us in planning for global domination


Influence of aerobic exercise training on the neural correlates of motor learning in Parkinson’s disease individuals

Q: Do you have a recommended score for the miniBEST to indicate if patients are appropriate to join the PD warrior class?

A: You could use a straight miniBEST cutoff score of 14/28 but I do think it involves a bit more than that given that it is fairly individualized. It is also important to remember that patients can improve significantly over time given intensive therapy. This means they might be cut-off to start with but then eligible on review after intensive training.

Low-risk patients are easy. You may also choose, however, to include patient’s who have a moderate risk of falls participate in the PD Warrior circuit.

For those who are mod risk, we choose case by case. If they have motor fluctuations, cognitive impairments or no buddy then we generally put them in a smaller group that we don’t call PD Warrior.

In developing a ‘screening’ tool I would consider:

-Stage of H&Y cut off > 3+

-Falls risk category using Paul et al’s simple 3 question approach (cut off gait speed > 9sec per 10m)

-miniBEST Score cut off > 14/28 – this cutoff demonstrates an adequate ability to predict 6-month predictive fallers

-Cognitive status – If you have to spend too much time with them to the detriment of the group then it will not be a good outcome. I don’t do the MMSE in clinic and judge it on how quickly and how well a patient can pick the concepts up and do their homework but you certainly could if you wanted to.

If you want to explore this further, here are a couple of articles that might help:

Paul et al

Shoneburg et al

King et al

Hope that helps but happy to discuss further.


ON PHYSIO – OXFORD UK Welcome to Sophie and the team from ON PHYSIO in Oxfordshire UK. Sophie and Lynn actually know if other from a past life!

TRANSFORM PHYSIO Welcome to Gemma and the team from Transform Physio who will be setting up their practice in Morninton Peninsula, Australia.

Patient Stories

Submit Your Patient Stories Ideally we want to get as many patient stories as possible to showcase both the program and your individual facilities. We get huge uptake on the website from the facebook and blog posts so your stories definitely resonate with people. It does not have to be an onerous task. Consider asking your patient’s:
*what they can do now that they couldn’t before
*How do they think about their Parkinson’s now
*What are they still having issues with
*What their carer or family member has noticed since starting the program
*If they are happy to have you send us pre-post footage

1. Please ensure that you have full media consent BEFORE sending it to us as we will assume you have collected this.
2. Please note that we cannot use TESTIMONIALS.
The patient stories are to generate human interest. In Australia, we are not allowed to use testimonial content so any information has to be presented in objective terms, more like a case study. YES, I am aware this is a grey area!

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