Introductory Sessions

PD Warrior is a very successful program when done right. All patients will need at least 2 follow-ups to their assessment before they would be eligible for the circuit – some will need up to 5 and may not ever be eligible for circuit.

The emphasis of PD Warrior for most people is how they do their program at home (when you are not there) so think of your sessions as coaching sessions to make sure they know how to do their program well without you being there.

Because PD Warrior is a global brand, it is really important that there is a consistent approach from all licensees – so please make sure patients understand the importance of the intro sessions and what they should expect to get out of them. There is a lot to cover as you can see below!

Intro sessions are essential for every new PD Warrior to complete. This is especially important if they can only do intro sessions with you as they live too far away. To maintain a consistent approach, please make sure they complete the following in order to start independent practice. I would recommend this takes a minimum of 3 hours/sessions to achieve. Possibly more for many clients…..

  1. Know what type of PD they have (Bradykinesic, tremor dominant, agility impaired)
  2. Know what they need to work on most: eg left upper limb, walking etc
  3. Precautions to exercise and modifications to exercises
  4. Short (10week) and longer goals
  5. How to achieve 80% effort and appropriate amplitude and power in clinic and home
  6. This could be explained better so that is clear that they need to develop a specific HEP for their patient. I have been using the term “Warrior Workout”.
  7. Reflective feedback. They need to be able to tell you which ‘good reps’ they would count at home and which ones to discard
  8. Again could be clearer – Exercise Expectation for your patient:
    • 3/week – Exercise Video
    • 4/week – Warrior Workout
    • Daily – Incorporate PDW principles into your day to day life
  9. Know how he is going to record training: Reps and RPE overall for each exercise on each day
  10. Provide Client manual for further reading, activity log and wow moments
  11. You have signed them up to the free or paid 10-week challenge

Check out the quick webinar that covers this in a bit more depth and download the checklist here:

Intro Sessions Checklist