Box Step

This step focuses on your coordination, balance and timing. It is a great exercise for challenging the coordination of your hands, arms as you combine it with a stepping exercise.


You will need four agility dots or markers on the floor to do this exercise.

How To

Place four dots in a square on the floor, roughly one foot apart to start with. Stand on the two dots at the back and practice stepping forwards and backwards leading with your right leg. You should essentially be stepping in a box formation; right, left, right, left. Once you can achieve consistent timing and step accuracy, add your upper limb task; as you step forward with the first leg, stretch your hands out and reach forward. As you step forward with your left leg, close your hands and bring them to your chest. As you step backwards again leading with your right leg, stretch your hands out and reach forward, as you step back with your left leg close your hands and bring them to your chest.  Each time you step, you should be changing your hand and arm position. I suggest you start slowly. You can also practice your hands separately before bringing them both together.


This exercise involves a lot of concentration. Make sure that you are steady on your feet to start with.


Level 1: Focus on the legs at this level. You want accurate timing and nice high steps. Right, left, right, left.

Level 2: Add your hands to this level. Alternate Flick and close with each step. Make sure your hands are spread wide apart when you ‘flick’ and clenched tight when you ‘close’

Level 3: To progress this exercise you could do one box leading with your right leg and then one box leading with your left leg, meanwhile your hands are continuing. For high level box step, we often use River stones to create a narrow base of support.