The focus of this exercise is to work on your trunk rotation. Many people with Parkinson’s develop stiffness and loss of rotation through the trunk. This can affect your walking, turning and impact on your balance as well. There is an element of balance indicated in this exercise, especially when you are changing direction.


You do not need any equipment for this exercise (just an imaginary gun and 007 face)

How to

Start with your feet wide apart, wider than your shoulder width. Clasp both hands together in a trigger grip, with your arms straight in front of you, about shoulder height. Move both hands around to one side, about 90 degrees from the front. You may feel the need to swivel at the opposite foot. Hold that position for one second and then return to the front.

Repeat this move to the other side; again, stop about 90 degrees to the side.


It is important to keep your hands together and to swivel on the opposite leg to protect your back. If you are prone to back pain then I suggest starting with a smaller rotation; perhaps only moving to 45 degrees.

It may also be easier for you to keep your eyes and head focused on your hands as you turn to maintain your balance. If that is too difficult, then focus on a point directly ahead of you as your body turns from side to side.


Level 1: Get the feeling of the movement only moving to about 90 degrees of the turn.

Level 2: Start to consider putting more power into the turn and swivel, try moving as far round as you can manage. Remember, your ideal effort level is working at 80%.

Level 3: If you are really getting the hang of this exercise then you can introduce the mental tasking audio track. Your focus is still on the motor task though, not the mental task.